Escabeche Mexican Grill - Bringing spice to everything we do!

Escabeche Mexican Grill is a modern, artisanal mexican kitchen. We're like you, we refuse to conform to the status quo, so we break the norm by serving great tasting mexican food and by giving you a memorable dining experience. Our company promise is: "Bringing spice to everything we do", so you can be sure that all of us at Escabeche Mexican Grill will go out of our way to "spice up" your day. Our atmosphere is modern, casual and fun with a hint of traditional mexican. A trendy mexican crucible where like-minded individuals can mingle and try exotic new things, be it food or ideas. You may even learn stimulating things about the fascinating mexican culture! Together we'll create a "hot-spot" where you can freely to express yourself among your peers, dare to be a bit adventurous yet responsible at the same time. We love our earth (as you surely do too) so we lead by example and also encourage our patrons to help us be environmentally responsible, something we can do together and feel good about!

Escabeche Mexican Grill

5460 Philadelphia Street, Suite A
Chino, CA 91710 (909) 590-8384

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Escabeche Mexican Grill Hours

SundayThursday: 10am7pm

Friday, Saturday: 10am9pm

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